Sunday, December 13, 2009


I must say, this was the best vacation I have been on! We were on the go non stop! While we were on the boat, we participated in a murder mystery dinner, had fun rolling in the chips at the casino, went to a few shows and were even picked to be on a couples game show! We had to do a bunch of seductively played games, and we would have won, but there is just something so hilarious about an elderly couple pole dancing! We didn't stand a chance! We had to settle for second place. Our first stop was in Honduras. We went hiking through the jungle and stopped at a monkey refuge where the monkeys were more then willing to jump in your arms! It was so much fun! Afterwards we hung out at the beach and had the most amazing chicken i have ever had in my life! The next stop was Belize. Here, we went hiking through the jungle and went cave tubing. This was amazing! It was so beautiful and peaceful. The last place we stopped was Mexico. we took a bus to the ruins and explored there for the day. Even though I was having such a great time, I couldn't help but think about my kids. I was definately ready to come home!