Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love my family!

My family is so amazing! I love all of them more then words can say! Before I went in for radiation, my parents brought over a goody bag full of stuff for me to do while I am in isolation. Christopher got me a bunch of movies to watch and Kenna even drew me a picture to keep with me to remember everyone! I can't express how grateful I am for having such a wonderful family. They always come together in times of need and never complain. You never have to ask for help, they are always there on your doorstep when you need a hand. I love you guys!

How awesome is this goody bag! There is no way I'm going to get bored!!

I'm so excited to watch these movies! It's not every day I get to watch chick flicks!!

How cute is this picture!? Can you see Averie in Christopher's hand? She said she is to little to stand up by herself so Daddy had to hold her! She just thinks of everything! She even drew Saki. I love you Kenna Lou!