Saturday, June 12, 2010


We had the most AMAZING trip i have ever been on! We first started out in London then made our way to Scotland and ended in Ireland. It was so much fun! We were on the go non stop and with the drastic time change we were quite exhausted, but that didn't stop us one bit! We saw so many incredible things!
London was crazy! It was very busy and fast paced. It was very different then i thought it would be. Everything closed at 6:00 or 7:00 at night and house keeping came to clean the room between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning! For some CRAZY reason, they don't use Ice in their drinks, so it was really hard getting use to drinking warm beverages! The sites were really cool though. They more then made up for the cultural differences!
Scotland was just how I imagined. It was like going back in time! everything was much slower and more quaint. Everyone called the towns villages and they had narrow cobble stoned streets. All of the buildings and homes were very old and even the newer ones were built to look like they had been there for centuries. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been. Everywhere you looked, it was the most stunning view! It did have it's flaws though, like London, it was very hard to find a cold beverage!
Ireland seemed like a combination of London and Scotland. It was beautiful, but more fast paced. There were some old buildings but some new looking ones as well. It made me laugh every time I heard someone speak because I LOVE their accent, but they spoke so fast and it was SOO thick we had no clue what they were saying!
I am so glad i was able to experience all of these places. I did miss my babies though and was very glad to come home!
Don't worry, I only put up a few pics from each place!


Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

London Bridge

We walked down the London Bridge at sunset and it was SOOO Beautiful!

Stonehenge was probably my favorite part of London. I don't think Chris was as impressed as I was, but it was awesome for me. London is a very busy place and Stonehenge was 2 hours away from everything in the middle of nowhere. It was amazing to see the most famous site in the world and imagine how on Earth it was made!!


Of course, Chris couldn't visit "the land of golf" without fitting in a quick 18! He was able to get on the Championship Course where the British open was played at Turnberry. I must admit, it was the most amazing course I have ever seen!

This is just one of the amazing views from the course!

Here it is...St. Andrews golf course!! The very first course in the world. I think Chris almost peed his pants when we finally got there!

Look at him just stare in awe!! Don't you think they have come a LONG way in designing courses?! It looks more like a soccer field then a golf course!

Just one of the castles we were able to see. We had to hike like 12 miles up a mountain to get to it, but it was definitely worth the effort!!


We found this really cool church that had the most amazing pebble floor out front.

Why wouldn't we stumble upon a golf course?! If it is built, Chris will come!!