Monday, August 22, 2011

My Mom..

My Mom and Dad came home for a week because my brother and his wife had their beautiful new baby girl. It was so wonderful to see them and have them around again! I really miss being able to see them every day (whether they like it or not!). Now, I LOVE my Daddy more than anything, but I really want to talk about my Mom. She is an amazing woman. I would honestly be lost without her. When I was in the hospital, she stayed with me EVERY day for a month! She slept on a tiny (I'm sure very uncomfortable) cot right next to me. She watched Days of Our Lives with me. She helped me put together puzzles, thought of crafts that I could do in bed and went and got me non-hospital food. I'm sure it was the most boring month of her life, but she never complained. Not once did she ever make me feel like she wanted to be anywhere else then right there with me. When they told me I had to have an emergency C-Section and I had about 6 seconds to prepare myself, I was more scared then I have ever been in my entire life. Chris was 3 hours away and wasn't going to be able to be there with me but I looked over and there was my Mom. I knew everything would be o.k. She held my hand the entire time. When Zaiah was in the hospital, I had to stay out at the Ronald McDonald House for 6 months. She came and stayed with me as much as she could. She is always willing to watch my kids when I need help. I know that they are sometimes wild and crazy and a pain in the butt, but even knowing this, she has them all over for sleepovers and little play dates. She is the best Grandmother in the world! She always has new crafts and activities for them to do. They LOVE her so much! She has this crazy ability to know when I am having a horrible day and feeling like the worst mother and wife that has ever existed, and sends me texts saying that she is proud of me and how wonderful she thinks I am. She is a fantastic wife. She takes such great care of my Dad. I could go on and on and on about how amazing my Mom is, but to make this simple and short...

When I think of the woman that I want to become and that I hope someday I will be, I always picture my Mothers face. I love you Mom. More then you will ever know.

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Robyn said...

You are absolutely correct on every count. I think that pretty well describes you mom to a tee. I love her too!