Friday, July 31, 2009

Kenna sweet Kenna!

My beautiful baby girl turned 3 this weekend and for months she has been begging me for a castle cake. Seeing her cute face (and wonderful acting job) I couldn't say no and I looked everywhere for someone to make the perfect one. Of course, I was unsuccessful, unless I wanted to spend $200.00. Now call me cheap, but I figured I could make one just as good as theirs for a lot less money! After about 4 hours of perfecting my masterpiece, I was finally done! I must say i was pretty proud of myself. I thought it looked great! As soon as I was finished, I had Christopher put it in the fridge. NOW I could relax! OH NO!! Why would anything go that smoothly for me?? Kenna, sweet Kenna. I shake my head and laugh even now just thinking of it! Kennedie decided she wanted some juice and went to the fridge to get it. Now, mind you that she has been getting her own juice for quite a long time and NEVER a problem! For some wonderful reason, today was the day it would all come crashing down. LITERALLY! She knocked everything off the shelf right onto the cake! The entire back end was ripped off! I'm pregnant so of course the first thing I wanted to do was cry, but Kenna, bless her heart, had the saddest face of remorse! She kept saying "sorry mommy it was an accident", over and over. Just hearing her call me mommy again was enough to melt my heart, so what could I do. I doctored up the rear and called it a day! The rest of the day was VERY eventful! She started off by playing in her pool with her cousin alex until the rest of Christopher's family arrived. Then we went to the park and met the rest of her party guests for lunch and cake. She opened her presents, broke her pinata (well dad did) and ran through the sprinklers, then we ventured to the splash park. After that Papa Dave and Nana Pam took us out on the lake for more water fun! Kennedie had a blast on the boat! She and her dad road the tube and were having such a great time until...DISASTER! They tipped over! I, of course, went into panic mode and was on the verge of jumping in to rescue her, when I decided that, in my condition, I would probably just sink like a rock and someone would have to jump in to rescue me! Well, needless to say, she was fine. Just a little shaken up, but being the big girl that she is now, she got right back on and went for another ride! I was so proud of her! It was a very fun filled, LONG day, but I think Kenna loved every second of it. Happy birthday baby girl. MOMMY loves you!

My dad has always made mickey and minnie mouse pancakes on our birthdays. He thought he would keep the tradition alive with the grandkids but, of course, Kennedie has to be different! She decided that she wanted a chocolate chip elephant! Here is the outcome. Way to go dad!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I just thought I would share zaiah's funny new habit! Instead of sucking his thumb or using a binky, he prefers his big toe! Whatever makes him happy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today Izaiah had a doctors appointment. for his 9 month check up and to discuss some problems that we were having with him. His therapist was a little concerned because he still can not sit on his own and he thrusts his body every time he tries. We just needed to express this to his doctor and make sure everything was ok. I was not prepared for the results. Izaiah has Cerebral Palsy. Now that i know, it is so obvious when you look at him. How did i not know? In the back of my mind, I always thought there was something not quite right, but there was always an excuse for my worries. He is behind on his development. He barely started holding his head up all the way and he can not sit up by himself. Everyone chalked it up to prematurity. He has had these weird indentations on his legs ever since he was born and he could never straighten his legs all the way. i brought my concerns up to numerous doctors and they all said not to worry his muscles were just fused to his bone but he shouldn't have any problems with it. The body thrusting was a new development within the last couple of weeks. This is what drew some red flags. We have an appointment. with his therapist on Thursday to find out what type of new therapy he will have to do, but the doctor told us some things that we will need to do. Along with continual muscle stretches and massage, we have to lay him on his belly and let him try and work his upper body muscles. The hard thing about this is he screams bloody murder when he does it. He has no upper body strength and so this position is very difficult and stressful for him. The only was for him to acquire the strength is to just let him cry and work his muscles. It is so hard for me to sit and listen to my baby scream! I feel so helpless. I know that Zai is going to fight through this disease like he has fought through everything else, but I can't help being sad and angry. I love my son so much and my heart breaks every time I hear him cry. I know he is in pain and he is so tired, but there is not one thing I can do but sit back and watch. He is such an amazing child, and I know this will only make him stronger, but i would give anything to take this away.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy 4th

We went to Flaming Gorge on Friday and they had a little festival going on. They had hose rides, a petting zoo, a huge inflatable slide, car show and more. kenna had so much fun. i must say that my baby is growing up so fast! She use to be a little scared to do some things by herself, but now she is little miss dare devil! Zai even sat on a little pony!
On Saturday, Chris got a weird itch and decided that we should drive to Colorado. We chose to go to Steamboat springs because neither of us had ever been there. We rented a condo and prayed that there would be something to do when we got there! Steamboat is such a beautiful place! Even if we couldn't have found anything to do, it would have been worth the drive just for the scenery. Luckily, we found things to do. We played mini golf, and wouldn't you know it, Kenna beat the both of us! I gracefully took second place and Mr. Golf himself took last! It was really fun. In the morning we walked through town to look at all the shops that were there and the streets were lined with people! We found out that they had a traditional running of the bulls! We figured that it was going to be amazing because there were A LOT of people that had been waiting forever! When they finally came down Main street, it was just that, a bunch of cattle running down the road! UMM... This is exciting?? It kinda made me miss Kamas though! HA! HA! anyway, I took a picture just in case it is really exciting to you!